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"We are committed to providing you with printed cotton bags from a sustainable and ethical supply chain"

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The Cotton Textiles Industry

At Cotton Bag Factory we strongly believe that everyone involved in the cotton bag manufacturing industry should be treated fairly, have access to good working conditions, be paid a fair wage and that there should be absolutely no child labour involved whatsoever. We are fully invested in being able to source our cotton from an ethical supply chain, including our fair trade cotton bags, from the cotton fields right through to the delivery of the finished cotton bags that get delivered to your door.

Fair Trade Standards

For a cotton tote bag to carry the Cotton FAIRTRADE Certification Mark the cotton farmers must meet certain Fairtrade Standards. From the growing and processing of the natural cotton to the manufacturing of the actual cotton bag, all areas have to be compliant to meet the Fairtrade Standard for cotton. We believe this is extremely important and continue to have good relationships with our Fair Trade manufacturers so we can keep supplying you with fair trade cotton tote bags as a responsible and ethical cotton bag supplier.

Why Shop with Us?

Ethical and Sustainable Partnerships

We work closely with our global partners when manufacturing cotton bags, talking to them daily and visiting them periodically, so we can guarantee that your printed cotton bags have genuine sustainability as well as maintaining a high quality, natural product and consistency within the manufacturing process, giving you as a customer peace of mind that your printed cotton bags have come from an ethical and reputable, natural manufacturing source.

Confidence In Textiles

Environmental Responsibility & Impact

Our printed cotton bags are made of 100% natural materials only. Whether that be organic cotton bags, recycled cotton bags, fair trade cotton bags or others, working sustainably is of the highest importance to us, we are continually working on and improving our environmental impact within the community and on a more global scale and continue to commit to using more recycled materials to ensure a sustainable future for us and our partner factories.

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