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Are you looking for a cotton tote bag in the United Kingdom off the shelf that you can get printed on a fast turn-around? We have got you covered with our UK stock eco-friendly tote bags range! We have a large range of fair trade cotton tote bags available for printing with your logo. All you have to do is choose the bag you like and email us with your requirements such as the number of bags you would like and the date you need them. You will also need to send us a vector file of your logo so that we can screen-print the bags with your branding. if you choose to go ahead with an order.

After confirming your order details we will produce an online bag visual for you to check over and sign off. When we receive your confirmation we can then go ahead and make the artwork screens for your logo and print the cotton bags! Our minimum quantity is as little as 100 units and you are also welcome to enquire about receiving a sample prior to ordering.

If you need some expert help and information on what is available to you, just get in touch with us and we can help you create your dream cotton bag project. We can also produce other products such as aprons, drawstring bags and t-shirts, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just use our contact form or email us at and we will take it from there!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Weight Can Organic Cotton Bags Hold?

On paper, there is no limit to the weight-bearing capacity of organic cotton bags. They can carry a significant amount of weight, with some organic ones carrying up to 79 kg. A fabric organic tote bag is great for carrying around shopping, lunch items and documents for work, so you should let your customers know how useful their promotional organic tote bag can be!

How Long Do Organic Cotton Bags Last?

Organic cotton bags can last for several years depending on the use and how well they are looked after. The quality of the bag also has a lot of impact on the durability of the bag, so the thicker the bag you have, naturally the longer it will last. We wouldn’t recommend washing the bags in a washing machine as untreated, natural cotton can shrink. We would advise to sponge clean the bags only.

Do People Actually Use Cotton Tote Bags?

In a word, yes! Cotton tote bags, especially bags that have been screen printed and branded with colourful and striking logos, are an extremely popular promotional item. You can order your organic tote bags knowing that they are a great investment and that they will be put to good use by your customers. If you want your bags branded, we recommend that you take advantage of our tote bag printing service.

Can I Get Customised Cotton Bags?

Yes, you can. As mentioned above, take advantage of our tote bag printing service and have your company logo screen printed on to a cotton tote bag of your choosing. You can choose a coloured tote bag and have a very subtle white or black logo screen printed on to the material on the back and front, or you can choose a completely natural tote bag and have a colourful logo, the choice is yours!

How Do I Order Cotton Tote Bags?

Browse our website and our different cotton bag sections and choose the bag you like! Please also bear in mind that we print and sell jute shopping bags and promotional jute bags too, along with other eco friendly promotional products. Click on the item you like and send us a quote request, we will quote you for your products and you can send us your company artwork. We will produce a computer visual for you to sign off, take care of the tote bag printing and deliver your items in 7-10 days. It’s that easy! If you have ordered custom cotton bags or pantone matched cotton bags which are being made to order, the delivery time will be longer (approximately 6 or 12 weeks depending on the item and mode of transport). Normal stock items will be delivered through a tracked courier service.

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