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Choose Natural Jute Bags for your Promotional Marketing Campaign

Whether you are looking for a reusable grocery bag or a practical and stylish giveaway for retail stores, you can find the perfect jute shopping bag for your needs at Cotton Bag Factory. These environmentally friendly plain or printed jute bags are available in various styles and can be custom printed with a company logo or message.

Jute shopping bags are durable, affordable, and eco-friendly. They are also reusable and biodegradable. These plain or printed jute bags are made from jute, which is harvested from the outer skin of the jute plant. Jute is one of the strongest natural fibers available in the world.

They are perfect for grocery shopping or taking a blanket to the beach. Jute tote bag is also useful for packaging your promotional gifts inside.

Ideal for tradeshows and other promotional events, using a jute shopping bag for your giveaway can ensure you get unlimited exposure for your brand. These jute tote bags are also attractive and stylish, and will look great on your customers!

Contribute Positively to the Environment with Jute Tote Bags

Jute tote bags are an extremely environmentally-friendly option that you can consider for your branding campaign or for your business strategy. The negative impact of plastics is creating havoc on our planet and so now is the time to replace them with a better alternative when it comes to single use plastic carrier bags. Jute Hessian Bags are a sustainable and recyclable option that can help in bringing in this change.

Right from its farming stage, jute is a very environmentally-friendly plant that consumes a significant amount of carbon dioxide and gives away a good deal of oxygen. Moreover, it being a natural product, does not harm the environment in any way. Since it is reusable and recyclable, there is no chance that it will contribute to the discarded junk that is affecting the environment negatively.

Shop for plain or printed jute bags from Cotton Bag Factory for your business. We sell high-quality reusable jute tote bags that could be a great addition to your business. Replace your plastic promotional bags with Jute Hessian Bags and make an impression amongst your customers.

We manufacture jute tote bags from quality jute materials so that you do not need to compromise with the make and look of the products. Our products are affordable and you can save a great deal on costs when ordering in bulk. Experience quality with pocket-friendly prices only with Cotton Bag Factory! Visit our Jute Bags section today to check out the collections and place your order with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Clean My Jute Bag?

Jute Bags should be cleaned with cold water and perhaps a mild soap. Natural jute fabrics are usually brittle and so should be handled delicately. It is also advisable to not twist or wring when the fabric is wet as it can damage the fabric and the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the bag can be affected. It is also recommended to avoid washing jute bags in machines as it can harm the fabric due to the loose threads coming out during the vigorous washing process.

How Are Jute Bags Actually Made?

Jute bags are made from natural jute products that come from the fibres collected from the stem and the outer skin of the jute plant. The stems of the jute plant are immersed in running water and this helps to scrap off the non-fibrous material so that the jute fibres can be separated for the manufacturing process. These fibres are then used to make different jute products like jute shopping bags and jute drawstring bags.

Are Jute Bags Biodegradable?

Jute Hessian Bags are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They are environmentally positive. One hectare of jute plant ideally consumes 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and can release around 11 tonnes of oxygen, thus contributing positively to the environment. Moreover, being biodegradable they are the best alternative to single use plastic and plastic bags. By introducing jute bags to your customers for regular use, we can try to eliminate the effects of the pollution created by the excessive use of plastic carrier bags.

Where Can I Buy Jute Bags in Bulk?

You can buy Jute Shopping Bags in bulk from Cotton Bag Factory. We sell high-quality and well-designed jute bags for every budget. Our bags are reusable, stylish, and they are a very practical solution for carrying a decent load from Sainsbury’s!. We sell jute bags that are not only durable but also highly affordable, and the best part about our jute bags is that they are biodegradable and recyclable, which means you will be contributing positively to the environment.

Will My Logo Print on Jute?

Screen printing on Jute Bags can be more challenging than on simple natural cotton bags, as the material is more coarse and thicker in nature. Your logo should be bright and bold so that it shows up on the jute material. It should also be simplistic in shape and style, avoiding too much fine detail, as the tiny holes in jute material will not take too well to intricate shapes or complexity in your logo. If you do have a more tricky logo to print, our printed cotton bags section is perfect for this.

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