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Plantable Pencils

You can choose from 15 different types of seeds including; cherry tomato, basil, sunflower, wild flowers, daisy and chia seeds. The plantable pencils can be printed or engraved on the pencil (you can also choose the pencil colour) and the pencil packaging can be printed in full colour. You can purchase individual pencils with single sleeve, packs of 3,  packs of 5, mini pencils, pencils with a small notebook and more.

These can be perfectly matched to your branding for you to hand out as promotional gifts. The minimum order is 100 units but we can produce large orders. Just get in touch to find out more.

Plantable Pencils are a great eco friendly promotional product and these can be customised to suit your branding. We have a range of colours in our plantable pencils range or standard graphite grey, and the pencil packaging can be printed with your logo in full colour. The pencil can also be printed or engraved with your logo for extra brand exposure. The seed pencils contain a small amount of seeds at the top – allowing your customer to plant their pencil and let nature take its course!