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How To Identify Genuine Organic Cotton Bags: A Buyer’s Guide

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In the era of eco-friendly products, organic cotton items are a great choice. It’s high time that we seriously address the call to save our planet. Using organic cotton bags in our day-to-day lives reduces our carbon footprint by 30%. Cotton Bag Factory brings you bags made with 100% original organic cotton. Are you struggling to know if the organic cotton tote bag products you are being offered are genuine? If so, here’s a guide to identifying genuine organic cotton bags.

What Are Organic Cotton Bags?

When we say organic cotton we mean naturally cultivated organically grown textiles and the organic cotton must be grown without any artificial chemicals and any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Interestingly, the first organic cotton plantation dates back to 1980 when organic farmers came to a place to innovate sustainable and environment-friendly methods of farming.

Benefits Of Using Organic Cotton Bags

There are multiple benefits to using organic cotton bags instead of synthetic ones. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of organic cotton bags

  • Environmental Sustainability:

    Eco-friendliness is one of the key benefits of using organic cotton bags. Made from 100% organic cotton, their carbon footprint is minimal. These ultra-durable organic cotton bags are the way to go for someone looking to make greener lifestyle choices without compromising on style.

  • Health and Safety:

    Using organic cotton bags for your grocery shopping ensures good health. They don’t emit any harmful chemicals. In addition, your younger ones will also be safe with organic cotton bags especially as babies tend to put everything inside their mouths!

  • Quality and Durability:

    Cotton Bag Factory guarantees the best quality cotton bags that are made with 100% organically cultivated cotton. Certified as organic, there is no compromise on the authenticity of our product. The bags are durable too. The straps are sturdy enough to hold a substantial amount and the bags are spacious enough for your belongings.

  • Social Responsibility:

    When you use organic products, you automatically make a statement. You reject plastic products that send a message to the market. If we can reduce plastic usage by only 2% to 4% per year, we will lower carbon emissions by 56%. As more of us grow conscious of the environmental impact of our everyday choices, the demand for organic bags will grow, and other businesses will step in to meet the requirement. Ultimately, we all want fulfill our social responsibility by using eco-friendly products such as organic cotton bags and you can help to achieve this by ordering your promotional bags with us.

How To Find Genuine Organic Cotton Bags:

Certification and Labeling

The first and foremost thing to check while you are buying organic cotton bags is the certifications. There are multiple bodies inspecting and certifying the products. They maintain a global standard to authorise a product as 100% organic. Here are some of the certifying bodies:

  • GOTS:

    The Global Organic Textile Standards is one of the leading textile inspection agencies. They check the cotton products and declare them 100% organic through a multi-step process. A GOTS-labeled product implies that it contains at least 70% certified organic fibres.

  • Organic Content Standard (OCS):

    The Organic Content Standard applies to any non food product containing 95%-100% organic material. It verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a finished product.

Explanation of certification standards and requirements

Textile certification labels are the most important thing to look for while buying any organic product. The controlling organisations mentioned above have a set of pre-defined rules and requirements. Based on these criteria, they assess and provide labels to the bags.

The inspectors from these agencies visit the manufacturing sites, inspect the process and explain to the manufacturers the standards based on which they will be certified. Here are some criteria based on which the cotton bags are certified by top agencies:

  • Usage of Eco-friendly Technology:

    The cotton must be farmed using organic methods. There should be minimal to no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The application of natural manure is highly recommended. In addition to that the bag manufacturing plant should discharge a minimum amount of effluents to the river bodies. Usage of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and azo dyes is strictly prohibited. There should be a controlled amount of gaseous emission as per the prescribed standards.

  • Natural Management for Pest Control:

    The application of a lot of chemical insecticides and pesticides eventually increases the immunity of pests and rodents towards the chemical. This compels the farmers to use more of the harsh chemicals and a vicious cycle follows. To be certified as an organic cotton product, cultivation must be done using natural techniques of pests and rodent control. Using rat traps and organic insect-repellant like cedar oil are some of the ways adopted by the farmers.

On meeting the necessary standards, the cotton bags produced are declared as 100% organic and are rewarded with labels that are tagged on them.

Importance Of Looking For Certified Labels On Cotton Bags

Here’s a guide on what to look for in an organic cotton bag label and what the writings on the labels signify:

  • The label must specify the name of the certifying agency. A simple Google search will tell you the authenticity of the inspecting body. It will give you a clear idea of whether the seller’s claim of selling 100% organic cotton bags is true or not.
  • The label must contain an organic seal or a claim stating that the product is 100% organic.
  • The ingredients used in the products must be certified organic. You can check whether the ingredients mentioned are organic or not in the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances.
  • If the ingredients constitute less than 70% of organic production, the products must be declared as a “multi-ingredient product”.

Key Features To Look For

Here are some necessary details to pay attention to while buying organic cotton bags:

  • Fiber properties and feel:

    A 100% organic cotton bag will feel slightly thicker than a mixed cotton bag. Due to its natural fiber content the texture feels softer though thicker. The natural fibre acts as a protection net and increases the longevity of the bags.

  • Colour and dyeing methods:

    A 100% organic cotton bag is generally dyed with natural colours derived from vegetables and other natural sources. The fabric is washed before dyeing it with natural colours and after dyeing it is allowed to stay wet for a couple of hours. A fixative is used to get the colour permanently on the fabric. Common natural fixatives that are used: Vinegar, Baking Soda, or salt.

  • Weaving techniques and fabric density:

    An organic cotton tote bag ideally weighs about 227 grams. Due to its high natural fibre content the fabric density is more compared to synthetic bags. The cotton balls are spun into threads which makes for a thread of a thicker quality as they are not processed using any chemicals. After that these threads are woven into fabrics- using machines or sometimes handmade. After that the fabrics are cut into the required shapes.

  • Quality of stitching and craftsmanship:

    One must look into the quality of stitching of the bags. The stitches must be proper everywhere and there must be no corner where the stitch has opened up. Often organic cotton bags are hand stitched so appreciating the craftsmanship while looking for some disputes is essential.

  • Hardware and closures:

    The straps of the bag must be wide enough while maintaining the aesthetics. It must allow you to carry the bag easily. Also the stitching must be impeccable so that it doesn’t fall off when you are carrying some weight in your bag. An organic cotton vegetable bag can ideally carry up to 20 Kg. The zippers, chains or the strings in a cotton bag must also be functioning properly.

Researching Brands And Suppliers

Another important thing to look for while buying organic cotton bags is the authenticity of the brand and supplier. Here are some ways to check the brand you are buying and the supplier selling it:

  • Identifying reputable brands known for producing organic cotton bags: A simple google search will tell you the history and authenticity of the brand. A reputed company like Cotton Bag factory will always find its place in search as a source for 100% organic cotton bags.
  • Reviewing brand websites and product information: After you are assured of the authenticity of the brand go through their website and more importantly carefully go through the information related to the product on the product page. Any discrepancy you find in the product description is a red flag.
  • Assessing a brand’s commitment to sustainability and transparency: Go through the company blogs to understand what their mission and visions are. Read what they stand for and how they are achieving their goals.

Assessing Product Labels And Descriptions

Here are some ways by which you can evaluate the company’s product labels and description of the product:

  • Reading and understanding product labels and descriptions: As mentioned above, there are certain criteria to look forward to so that you can check the authenticity of the organic product. Check the certifying agency and exactly what they claim.
  • Identifying organic cotton claims and certifications on labels: Identify the claims by going through the labels. The label should exhibit an organic seal or a claim that the product is organic.

Price And Value Considerations

Last but not least, try to do some market research to know the standard pricing of an organic cotton bag for the size you want. Here is a guideline to do that:

  • Understanding pricing factors for organic cotton bags: This is the obvious first step. Do your own research to know the standard pricing for organic cotton bags. They are usually a little more expensive than standard promotional tote bags but you are paying for the organic certification of the product.
  • Balancing cost and quality for an informed purchase decision: We would always recommend that you go for the best offer you are getting without compromising on the quality of the product. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Make an informed purchase decision to do away with buyer’s regret.


Buying promotional organic cotton bags for your business has multiple benefits. The positive impact on the environment and health is immense, and they are a huge leap forward in terms of sustainable living. Moreover, our cotton bags are available in many colours and sizes to suit your business branding, and they look great! Standing today, your promotional product choices will no longer bother your conscience. Your customers can step out in style with our organic cotton bags, and step toward a greener, healthier world, branded with your logo!