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Fair Trade Cotton – Why Buy Fair Trade Cotton in 2022? [2023 Update]

Fair Trade Cotton

Fair Trade Cotton – Why Buy Fair Trade Cotton?
Buying fair trade cotton can help you do more than just get a good deal. It can also help promote long-term business relationships. And it can help ensure that the growers are paid a fair, living wage for their work.

Produced by five countries
Sales of Fair trade cotton have recently increased. This is largely due to the Fair Trade Federation’s efforts to expand markets for artisans and farmers. Fair Trade Standards ensure fair, socially and environmentally sustainable practices for all operators along the supply chain. These standards include Generic Producer Standards for Contract Production, which require full physical traceability, and Generic Producer Standards for Small-scale Producers, which ensure democratic participation and environmentally responsible conditions.

As a result of these standards, the use of pesticides and other agrochemicals has been reduced. Farmers are now able to dispose of chemical containers in an environmentally safe manner. Cotton is a major source of cash income for many small holder households in developing countries. Some governments provide cotton inputs to low-income families as an alternative to direct cash assistance. However, some cotton producers lack the basic amenities necessary for a good living.
Unlike conventional cotton farming, Fair trade organic cotton uses agrochemicals that are less toxic and harmful to the environment. Fair trade organic cotton is produced by farmers in India, Morocco, and Burkina Faso.

Ensures that the growers are paid a living wage
Buying fair trade cotton is one way to ensure that the growers are being paid a living wage. This can be done by purchasing GOTS certified Fairtrade cotton bags. This certification ensures that the cotton is grown using sustainable production methods that avoid harmful toxic pesticides. This ensures that the growers are being paid a fair wage and that they are treated fairly.

Fair Trade is a means of improving the livelihoods of workers in developing countries. It sets standards for companies, factories, and workers in order to increase their living wage. It also develops partnerships to improve the conditions of workers. Fair Trade has been proven to increase income stability and provide a better opportunity for workers to enter the global market.

The Global Living Wage Coalition, which includes Fairtrade, develops independently validated living wage benchmarks. These benchmarks can be used by anyone. These benchmarks include education, medical care, child labour, and forced labor.
Fair Trade policies also add checks to the supply chain. It can be difficult for consumers to understand how commodities are purchased and sold. Consumers may also not have reliable sources for fair trade items.

Promotes long-term business relationships
Buying cotton that is Fairtrade certified gives farmers more power in their trading relationships. It empowers them to combat poverty and increase their economic and social rights. They receive a minimum price before goods reach the market and can earn a living wage. They also receive information on market conditions, technological advances, and best farming practices.
Fair Trade organic cotton also supports environmental sustainability. It eliminates harmful toxic agrochemicals. It also helps eliminate GMO contamination at the farm level. It also reduces the environmental footprint by five times as compared to conventional cotton.

Fairtrade cotton producer organisations are located in nine countries around the world and they represent over 43,000 farmers. They generated £1.4 million in Fairtrade Premium and sold more than one million pounds of Fairtrade cotton in 2020.
The bulk of the Fairtrade Premium funds went to implementing best practices on the farm. It also supported sustainable agriculture and community infrastructure. In addition, 66% of the funds helped combat hunger. These activities contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Fair Trade Cotton Bags – Why Buy Fair Trade Cotton Tote Bags For Your Business?
You should try to buy fair trade cotton bags and fair trade tote bags where possible as they really do help the local community and local factories where the raw materials are grown. We have a range of colours of fair trade tote bags and they are very good quality, with screen printed cotton bags they can be design with your business logo and will let your customer know that you are suuportive of fair trade products. Click to see our fair trade cotton bags and fair trade tote bags here.

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